Marianne Smith CMT
Providing massage therapy to heal injuries and relieve chronic pain.


"Marianne Smith is more than just my massage therapist. In a sense, she's my health partner, because  she ask me questions that many massage therapists might not ask. Because she asks these questions, she's able to give me a more effective massage; and she has suggested that I see a doctor and Acupuncturist (which I did do after a few nice reminders from her). Sometimes as she's explaining a concept, I'm just laying there in awe of how much she knows about health and massage. Plus I'm grateful that she cares about me as a human being. So I consider her my massage therapist, health partner, and friend. To me, it's clear that she's doing what she was meant to do."
William Song

"Marianne Smith is a reasonably priced, accommodating, informative, easy to find, effective and friendly CMT. I would recommend her to anyone. Part of the real value in visiting Marianne is that she always lets you know what she is focusing on and why--A real benefit for the uber-busy.
Besides the business part, she is one of my favorite people in San Francisco. Thanks Marianne for sharing all your knowledge and insights over the years."
James F. -Yelp

"Marianne is one of those gems in the city that you feel lucky to know about. It's just such a lovely and personal experience.  Plus, she gives you a full 60 minutes -- such a treat! -- but time still goes by way too fast.   I love how her studio feels like you're walking into quiet, cozy, spa.  It's such a nice change from the assembly line, sterile feeling from massages I've received at various gyms and hotels. The first time I saw Marianne, she even told me that the curve of my neck was off and my  hips were out of alignment -- thanks for the heads up Marianne.  I'm feeling super great and can't wait to get back in to see you again. I love the location too -- Right in the Flood building at the Powell/Market St. cable car turnaround. So convenient!"
Melissa M. -Yelp

"I love Marianne! Can't recommend her highly enough for massage therapy. Holistic approach, incredibly convenient location @ Powell BART, and very, very reasonable prices. Sweet, caring demeanor and great sense of humor. She has a little space in the historic Flood Building, which I love. It's not a sprawling day spa, but that's not what one wants when it's all about swooping in for a great hour of therapeutic bodywork with no fuss. This is it!"
Traci B. -Yelp

"Marianne is who I go to when I have an ache, muscle pain, or need an all over full body massage just to get my body functioning properly.
My husband and I got hooked on her after we were given gift certificates and now we see her regularly.
When my mom was in town, she pinched a nerve and Marianne was the 1st person I called. Not only that, the location is perfect, down town in an easy to get to location, in the Flood Building on Market, and she is great with referring other intelligent professionals in the field such as acupuncturists and such.
Check her out, she knows what she is doing and I highly recommend her and her knowledge."
Svetlana M. -Yelp

"I found Marianne about 6 months ago through my insurance and as a way to spend my FSA.  Thank God!  She is a true message therapist, a true healer.  I now try to visit her every other week so she can heal my aches and pains.  If you are looking to incorporate message therapy into your life with out the bells and whistles I recommend visiting Marianne."
Wren C. -Yelp

"Marianne is wonderful and I always feel incredible when I leave her office! She is warm and welcoming and I always enjoy my visits with her!"
Maggie M. -Yelp